We are not like what is typically know as an 'association',
(something that a person pays a yearly fee to so that he/she can use its logo,
and then that person has actual contact with it maybe once a year
IF he/she PAYS to go to an annual meeting it is selling!)

Instead, we are a NETWORK,
an active entity that actually makes frequent daily contact with them,
working to improve their lie-detection knowledge and business every day!

Member Verification

In protecting the public,
many investigative professionals
do not meet our requirements
for assignment referrals.

Some claim to be a current
member but are not!

Call (818) 883-6969
or e-mail to
for prompt verification.

(Every month, at least five or six
polygraph examiners are caught
lying about being members,
and their prospective clients then tell
them 'No thanks- you lied to me'!