Recognition Certificates

(only available to participating members):

General Continuing Education
recognition certificate

- a yearly recognition certificate, issuable each June -

exceeding the hours requirement of
all other polygraph organizations!

Many polygraph organizations require that you maintain 12 hours
per year of education related to the polygraph profession to use the
term 'Certified'. In truth, it is simply a 'money-maker' for many of
those organizations, because many charge a fee for this 'title' that
is more than the true & actual costs involved.

PEOA uses 15 hours as the minimum, as to exceed the others.

PEOA does it yearly, as opposed to the less updated every-two-years
required by other organizations, to be more current.

PEOA alone has an Internet forum where many members can earn
some of the hours yearly at no cost, with a steady stream of job postings,
daily 'Lie-Detection In The News', discussions, and continuing education topics.
Being a registered member of the daily forum is valued at a minimum of one hour
per month credit towards the 15 hours required per year. It allows working members
to improve their professional knowledge and income without interruption to their
work lives, as well as without any cost, politics, drama, or the BS involved elsewhere.

Certified Polygraph Examiner

recognition certificate

The nation's most extensive polygraph-knowledge testing, covering:

History of Lie-Detection / Psychology / Physiology
Laws, Rules, and Regulations / Instrumentation
Interview / Interrogation / Chart Interpretation
Scoring / Techniques / Question Formulation
Civil Rights / Pre-Test / Post-Test / Ethics
Effects of drugs, alcohol, and illness / EPPA
and many other topics

Post-Conviction Sexual Offender Testing

recognition certificate

Specialized Training
recognition certificate

Specialized Training
recognition certificate